Aldo Adami

Strada Valbusa 29, Custoza di Sommacampagna (Verona) 37066
Phone: +39 045 516105 - e-mail:
Our winery is situated in a marvelous position at the summit of one of the Custoza hills, inside the village called Valbusa, by some historians considered to be the first residential settlement of the Custoza town. From here one can enjoy a gorgeous panorama of the valley and in the distance one can see the peaks of the Apennines and the Adamello mountain ranges. Additionally, there one finds the centre of the production zone of the Custoza DOC and the Bardolino DOC. The farm extends over 13 hectares of dry, stony ground, ideal for the cultivation of grapevine. The modern guyot planting, theshort-cut branch planting, and the drip irrigation system (the latter only in an emergency in case of need) assure the meticulous care of the vineyard. The wine cellar, recently enlarged and which also has a tasting room and a wine shop, is equipped with the best technology, a temperature controlled room for the bottled wines, a cyclic grape wetting and drying room and a barrique room.