La Dama

Via Quintarelli 39, Negrar (Verona) 37024
Phone: +39 045 6000728 - e-mail:
We are the first generation of wine makers in our family, and with enthusiasm and determination we challenged ourselves in this world as producers. Our property today includes 16 hectares of land, 10 hectares of which are vineyards located in two parts of Valpolicella classica: Negrar and Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. Pergola and Spalliera-type vineyards produce excellent grapes in order to give our wines that unmistakable character and peculiarity that is typical of us. Our passion for the territory led us to making more and more natural choices. We love everything that surrounds us and we want to preserve it for the future and for our children. This is why, a few years ago, we decided to start using organic methods. Today our wines give us great satisfactions. The recognitions that they are obtaining are something we can be proud of and an incentive to improve. But, most of all, they tell the story of who we are and where we are from, they tell an authentic and rich story of passion… our own story!