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The art of viticulture is a heritage that the Nicolis family has passed on for generations, cultivating its family-owned property of 90 hectares, of which 42 are in vineyard. Classically-styled wines are produced from the vineyards in the lower hills and wines destined for lengthier ageing, such as the prized Amarone and Recioto, are produced from vineyards on hillside terraces. In Valpolicella, there are various small zones that are particularly suited for ultrapremium viticulture. Each of these zones has distinctive characteristics, which are reflected in the wine sourced from grapes grown in them. The Seccal and Ambrosan cru vineyards of the Nicolis family are located in a very old and traditional zone; quite close to one another. Just as in all of the vineyards, harvesting the crus is done manually, in October.