Via Cengia 85, San Pietro in Cariano - Cengia (Verona) 37029
Phone: +39 045 6859025 - e-mail:
Tenute SalvaTerra was launched when the Furia family shared its 30-plus years of winemaking heritage in the Verona area with a group of entrepreneurs who saw the potential for a growth-oriented venture involving one of Italy’s most stunning regions and its outstanding range of wines. They therefore provided their skills, resources and experience to ensure its success. Tenute SalvaTerra aspires to add value to its vineyards and wines by associating its trademark with Valpolicella, a celebrated Italian wine region with endless potential and resources.
Tenute SalvaTerra has 700 hectares of vineyards covering some of the Veneto region’s most coveted winemaking areas. The majority of its vineyards are in Valpolicella, but some are also located in Padova’s Euganean Hills, where Tenute SalvaTerra produces Prosecco and Pinot Grigio. The SalvaTerra winery is based at Villa Giona, a stunning 16th-century mansion in San Pietro in Cariano, at the very heart of Valpolicella.