Tenute Falezza

Via Belvedere 35/A Verona (Verona) 37131
Phone: +39 045 2221249 - e-mail: info@tenutefalezza.com

The TENUTE FALEZZA Winery was born in 1974, constituted by the members of Falezza Family, owners of about 15 hectares completely cultivated to vineyards Doc Valpolicella in the zone of San Felice Extra in Verona Mezzane, and Marcellise area. The black berry grape production in Mezzane and Marcellise (150/300 meters above sea level) is destinated, as to discipline Doc Valpolicella, totally for the production of Amarone and Recioto, the staying for the production of Doc Valpolicella and revision. A vineyard part is destinated to grapes to white berry of the Garganega type. The white grapes come directly make wine after the harvest of grapes while the black grapes are partly put back in the modern drying room complete automated that constantly checks the damp and the degree of drying, he remaining ones come make wine to produce Doc Valpolicella.